Change Log

1.0: Initial Release

1.02: Fixed drop-down bug

1.03: Fixed Who-To-Follow bug

1.1: Fixed settings menu dropdown bug, search, changed tweet stream style, changed font size

1.1.1: Added content icons, minor bug fixes, changes.

1.1.2: Updated content icons as well as more bug fixes.

1.1.3: Added Extension icon along with Chrome counterpart. Fixed https bug too!

1.1.4: Updated Tweet content to use a Webkit gradient to replace the old shadows. This increases performance and also looks better. The update also removes “Who To Follow” from the top navigation. A few other minor fixes as well.

1.1.5: Un-hid Favorites from homepage. Adds animation to buttons, slide out pane, reply modal and some other elements. The update also fixes the bug after Twitter updated their CSS that made the conversation view invisible. Lastly, this update fixes the Chrome bug that wasn't displaying images / moving the stream down 2px.

1.1.6: Bug fixes, along with the new conversation icon. Also added small tweet hover animation. The reply dialog animation has also been changed, because of some side effects I wasn't quite happy with.

2.0: A multitude of changes. Mainly the header, which was changed to have a white background. The search bar animation was changed. The bugs that were apparent in the earlier versions in new versions of Twitters website have been removed, such as the dashboard showing up below the stream. New logo (handmade by myself!), and Twitter Trends were added back.

3.0: With the changes to the Twitter interface made recently, I completely redid the entire extension.

3.1: Miscellaneous bug fixes.

3.2: Fixed bug where Twitter icon would display at top of page, and added a light drop shadow to tweets in the timeline.